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Why should you talk to us?

Because we are able to facilitate cost-effective solutions in Dubai business licensing and trade license renewal, Dubai office space options and business centre services, as well as a variety of other business and management solutions through our large network

What's more, we are able to get the best rates for the entire range of document clearance, typing and translation services for new business setups, staff employment and residential immigration purposes in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

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What You Can Get From Us

Dubai Compay Formation Services

Yes, the price is right and so are the services!

Your requirements are unique when it concerns your new business. So, why would you select the same old setup package been sold to everyone else by hundreds of service providers? Talk to us about your business licensing needs.

We are able to customize your total package to fit your individual needs. From locating a reliable business sponsor and arranging office space to issuing the trade license and ensuring you are completely established and ready to do business, we will be there to hold hands with you.

* Commercial Trading License (LLC)
* Professional Practice
* Industrial Company
* Branch or Representative Office

We can also provide the entire range of document clearance and PRO services for all new setups and license renewals. You can get all your company's establishment documentation through our services.

A-Z Business & Management Solutions

Your time is valuable and your money deserves to be invested, not spent. You need the most efficient services and the best solutions for the exact price you have in mind.

If others have let you down, then don't take another backward glance. Come visit us and your ideal business solution will be tailor-made for you.


  • We are a professional services company owned and operated by two qualified and experienced ladies. Both are highly knowledgeable about the business environment in Dubai and have excellent relations with the government departments. They are always personally available to assist you.
  • SPECIAL CONDITIONS For Business Licensing & Visas

  • Due to political reasons, Iranian passport holders are subjected to prolonged investigations before approval for business licenses or residency visas in UAE.
  • Due to recent concerns, USA, UK & European, Australian passport holders who are not originally from the same countries are subjected to investigations before approval of business license and residency visas in UAE.

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